Sunday, 6 August 2017

5th Aug 2017. G/WB-010 SOTA Activation visit.

G/WB-010 5th Aug 2017.
Grid SJ 628081, Altitude 406M.

Today's visit was my local 1 point summit of The Wrekin, this is a quick 30 minute walk but fairly steep in places. This is a well used summit and I saw maybe 100 plus people during my activation. Today was going to be a play radio day for me on HF and finished with 2M FM with a special event call sign for the YOTA week.

The journey only takes 10 minutes from my home location to the car park. I arrived at 7:00 a.m. loaded my gear and headed off up the hill. I saw 2 or 3 people on their way down and passed pleasantry's. I arrived at the summit at 7:29 a.m. and started to sort out my antenna's for the activation. Jamie had packed away the guy ropes last time we used the mast and it took me 20 minutes to untangle them (lesson learnt, pack away yourself).

The QSO's came in fairly fast once I had set up. I had a problem with my 2M Yagi and after 15 minutes I decided to leave it and phoned Jamie to bring up my 2M Dipole as he was coming up later after he had managed to get out of bed.

The green icons are the S2S's and red the chasers. This was all on my Yaesu FT 817, homebrew end fed and 5 watts.

I managed 30 contacts and 4 S2S's on HF. When Jamie arrived with my 2M Dipole I set this up and started with our club special event call sign of GX3ZME/YOTA this was at 11.27 a.m. local time. I managed to log another 12 contacts and Jamie held greetings with most of these.

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