Sunday, 22 January 2017

21st January 2017. Three Summits SOTA Activation.

21st January 2017.
G/WB-005 Long Mynd Pole Bank. GW/MW-013 Corndon Hill.
G/WB-004 Titterstone Clee Hill.

My first time activating three summits on the same day, hats off to those that have completed the 5 hill challenge.

Well the day started as usual get food shopping out of the way then pack the gear in the car and head off to the hills. First summit Pole Bank, after last weeks fiasco at least the road was open and not blocked with snow and ice. We headed up and parked in the same car park that I did in December 2016. Had a pleasant walk for 10 minutes to the trig point and on arrival I was met by a hill walker that informed me he was an M6 but I forgot the rest of his call sign sorry. Had a quick chat then set up my 2M gear and started to log my QSO's I only wanted to qualify each hill and move on  lol that was never going to happen.

Managed to log 14 QSO's Long Mynd, 8 QSO's Corndon Hill and 12 QSO's Titterstone Clee Hill.

G/WB-005 Picture's above with Corndon Hill in the far ground on the first picture.

GW/MW-013 Corndon Hill pictures. This is only my second time visiting this summit and both times we walked up the hill in picture one. For those like me or not had chance to visit this summit I have now been told of an alternative route, see photo below. Michelle (XYL) nearly killed me when we took the easier route down lol.

The green circle is were I parked my car. The red is my normal route to the summit and would have 2 or 3 rest breaks. The green is now my proffered route as it is a lot easier and only about 300 meters further to walk and probably no breaks required.

G/WB-004 Picture's above with my Home Brew 20M Moxon. I normally use 3 or 4 poles but tested the SWR with 2 poles and as you can see in this location I could get away with 2 and was happy with the results. I managed to have QSO's with Canada, America, Spain and Slovenia. Then (XYL) said she was too cold to continue, so we packed up and headed our way back home.

       Long Mynd                               Corndon Hill                              Titterstone Clee Hill

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