Sunday, 26 February 2017

25th February 2017. GW/NW-043 SOTA Activation visit.

GW/NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain. 25th February 2017.
Altitude 565m.

Jamie and myself left Telford at 08:10 a.m. and headed towards Llangollen on the A5 then followed the A452 to the Horseshoe Pass were we parked opposite the Ponderosa Cafe we arrived at around 09:50 a.m. We were going to activate both summits there today and had decided to go up to Cyrn y Brain first. I had read somewhere that this was a 30 minutes walk. We are both fairly fit and it took us 30 minutes to reach the large mast then a further 10 minutes to walk to the trig point some 400 meters further.
The start of the walk it rained but had stopped by the time we arrived at the first mast, we then walked down the bike track along a fence line until we found the style to cross towards the trig point. A quick photo shoot then we set up the 2M dipole, and started our activation, we had our first QSO with MOCQE (Paul) one of our top chasers and a pleasant man to talk to every time. Followed by a further 6 QSO's including 2 summit to summits with M0JCQ and G0POT both on Long Mynd G/WB-005 one of my local summits. I had also spoken to them during their activation on Corndon Hill earlier during our car journey as we passed Shrewsbury.

According to the rainbow in the distance it was still raining a little distance away, the app I use on my phone is called Outdoors Great Britain and has GPRS as seen on the photo above, I find it very helpful in locating the trig point's. This activation is not a hard walk but is exposed at the summit apart from the small mound of stones.

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