Sunday, 26 March 2017

25th March 2017. G/WB-014 SOTA Activation visit.

G/WB-014 Burrow. 25th March 2017.
Grid SO 381830. Altitude 358M.

Our third and final activation of the day was going to be G/WB-014 Burrow. We arrived at around 11:30 a.m. and parked the car at grid SO 389833 just outside the church. We set off following the Shropshire Way until we came to the field marked with the red circle, this had recently been ploughed and made ready for summer, so I decided to go around the edge of the field as marked by my green route. There is a map/plan on a gate showing that a local land owner has allowed access across their field. They have also installed a bench to allow a rest and enjoy the fantastic views.
This was a fairly easy walk with just a few steep hills but nothing too strenuous, the journey  took us around 45 -50 minutes with a few rest stops for Michelle. On arrival I set up the 2M dipole and also my new homebrew 20M dipole. My first QSO was with G6DFD (Mike) a fellow club member of mine and friend. Followed with a further 8 more QSO's including 3 S2S's with GW4TJC/P (Simon), GW4VPX/P (Allan) and GW7HEM/P (Mike). I tried my new antenna and again a SOTA day with wall to wall contests on 20M (better luck next time I hope).
The centre photo above is the view from the bench, this was a good activation and the sun was now beaming and it was getting very warm for March. On the way off the summit I realised that we could see Brown Clee Hill and Titterstone Clee Hill quite clearly off in the distance.

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