Sunday, 26 March 2017

25th March 2017. G/WB-018 SOTA Activation visit.

G/WB-018 View Edge. 25th March 2017.
Grid SO 422809. Altitude 321M.

Our second activation of the day was going to be G/WB-018 View Edge. This was a very easy walk from where I parked my car at Grid SO 42635 80561. I have read that some people operate from here and others from the other side of the road, I believe they are both in the AZ. On arriving at my activation point I realised there was going to be a small problem as I had dropped part of my 2M dipole on my descent from the last summit. Lesson learnt check your gear when you get back to the car! I managed to hang my dipole in an adjacent tree.

This was the first time that I believed I was not going to qualify this summit, I had my first QSO with 2E0MDJ (Matt) one of my top chasers at 09:53 a.m. and then waited for 27 minutes to finally finish the activation after only 5 QSO's. I think it will be a long time before I return to this summit and I will bring my HF antenna.

After the activation I returned to the previous summit and walked half way back up my descent route to find the missing parts of my 2M dipole, in total adding around 30 minutes to my days travel time.

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